Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Empowering companies with professional IT capabilities to manage routine operations with controlled costs and maximum efficiency

Make Your Business More Stable & Scalable With Managed Services

Managed services by Zencon help brands focus on constant innovation and core business competencies by taking the burden off of mechanical, iterative tasks.
Our managed services are known to serve multiple leading firms in different areas like contract IT staffing, application development & support, quality assurance, end-to-end project management, and more.

IT Contingent Staffing Managed Services

With the correct planning and methodology, Zencon’s contingent staffing managed services can aid in faster hiring and better functional performance. We manage the entire end-to-end IT staffing process, right from sourcing to hiring to onboarding to the overall management of your workforce. We maintain excellent talent pools that keep upgrading for businesses to choose from for upcoming hirings.
We work with a Vendor Management System to manage all contingent staffing requirements, interview scheduling, onboarding, reporting, maintaining scorecards and compliance.


Application Management Services (AMS)

The information technology scenario nowadays is growing to be more complicated and so do the costs involved with its management. We put innovation in the driver’s seat while guaranteeing cost-cutting application management services.
This is successfully achieved by having an upper hand in the latest Information Technology to completely transform your business.


Project Management Services

Get a team of seasoned industry experts to manage your projects with round-the-clock support and zero downtimes. Our project management services are strategically customized keeping the unique end goal in mind and understanding specific requirements. Our focus is to deliver impeccable project management services that are risk-free, consistent, and transparent.


Quality Assurance Managed Services

Cut down on your testing costs without compromising reliability with our top-grade quality assurance managed solutions. Our prime focus is on predictive analysis and constant testing to ensure total compliance with the final product without overburdening at the last moment.


Explore Our Industry


For a consumer-driven industry, our managed services ease off the burden by automating processes, achieving agility, and delivering prompt responses to different customer needs

Defence and intelligence

We offer robust data protection, designing tactical roadmaps and modern technology solutions to defend confidential data and encourage growth

Financial Services

We reshape the tasks crucial to organizational stakeholders with simple integrated solutions that are a mix of legal, financial, taxation, compliance, finance, and even beyond that


We provide efficient technology and safety solutions for all sorts of documentation that encourage government organizations to stay updated while staying on tight budgets


We streamline healthcare business operations to elevate efficiency and drive strategic technologies for speedy delivery to the markets with substantial savings on the expense


We integrate production line, automation, and quality control to effectively manage manufacturing processes, and project more productivity while keeping a check on the expenditure

Media and Entertainment

We help manage large amounts of creative, entertaining content for digitization, display, collaboration, brand management, and monetization hassle-free with business software solutions


We aid retail businesses in streamlining their operations. Retailers can focus on their core competencies while we competently and efficiently handle routine tasks like security, network management, and customer service.


We consolidate revenue management, client management, customer portals, data storage, and processing systems to help unify the entire network lifecycle to simplify management for telecom businesses

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