A Heritage Diversity & Inclusion At Zencon

Transforming businesses and smiles by boasting our diverse heritage so that people can be completely themselves when associated with us.

Empowering People and Business Through Diversity

Zencon aims to convey technology and common people’s imagination into practical solutions with humans at the center of the system, be it staff, clients, and social groups to promote equality. We make sure to resemble a responsible and leading digital transformation company that offers maximum value with our pioneering products and services The doors at Zencon welcome all sorts of talents with equal enthusiasm to add their personal touch of unique taste, background, identification, experiences, and insights to our organization. Different perspectives and ideologies make us powerful to service people connected with us in a better way.

Our Approach

Championing Diversity at Zencon and Beyond

We believe in nurturing accountability to create a comprehensive, straightforward, and socially engaging company work culture
We are dedicated inclusion leaders amongst competitors and it is clearly evident from the working behavior, interactions, and speech with our employees, clients, and community
We firmly support trusted operations, hence, we fix goals openly and track information timely for continual progress and scope for improvements
We contribute to make efforts to give opportunities for job and development to people from all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds


Advancing Towards Broader Diversity At Zencon

With gender equality at the top, the present situation in our organization denotes an active contribution of empowered women at all stages and are an impressive workforce
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Women in the core leadership
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Leaders are women
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Women in tech roles

Our Commitment

Zencon focuses on motivation from the idiom “give respect, take respect” to ensure smooth coordination and encourage equal employment opportunity offering practices.
We are committed to maintaining an equality-based and harassment-free workplace for our employees as all our decision-making functions on a merit and client requirement basis.
We are strictly against discrimination and harassment of any kind on the basis of color, creed, race, religion, physique, gender, nationality, age, genes, or any other lawfully secured parameter.
We are of the strong opinion that our employees’ mental health matters and we try to give our full support for their fitness and wellbeing. We are accountable to keep our office’s cultural inclusion as a priority so that people can be themselves and unlock their real professional caliber. If you are motivated to build a sustainable future in ‘your kind of workplace’ that has diversity and inclusion covered like us, connect now to discuss.


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