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Where Everyone is Moving Forward Together to Create Great Success

Work in a place that makes you feel comfortable in your skin and where your voice matters to the company. Joining a community that inspires mutual advancement, transparency, and respect is exactly what working at Zencon sounds like. We are dedicated to continually learning from the past and improving the future and to support that cause we maintain a review-oriented thought process.

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Our Values

With our people at the heart of Zencon, we tend to design worthwhile software and digital solutions by keeping in mind how we are impacting the world and every single employee.

Take responsibility and ask questions unhesitantly

Build confidence by acquiring knowledge, and be open to asking questions even if it is your senior or the director

Outwork the expectations

Know that good is never enough and you must always outperform and outwork, especially when you know the best is yet to come

Be hungry to learn

Take calculated risks, make honest mistakes, and have the inspiration to make it right, learn from all the experiences to reach metamorphosis

Develop a supportive work culture

Culture doesn't develop spontaneously, everyone ought to actively contribute to building a reliable, crystalline, and ethical company culture

Appreciation is the driving force

We trust the power of appreciation and how it can improve productivity to a great extent. Your accomplishments at work will be appropriately rewarded to motivate you to keep learning and growing

Leadership is not a single-person responsibility

We firmly believe leadership to be a combined effort of every employee working with Zencon. We expect each team member to justify the virtue of leadership by helping us deliver value in all directions


Equal Employment Opportunity

Zencon aims to develop and retain a team possessing vast experience from diverse backgrounds but reflects the company values of integrity and expertise in a centralized way. We desire to focus our hiring measures on attracting the best talent and be the priority for employees to build a successful career with us.

Zencon has a firm policy that corroborates offering equal employment opportunity and strongly disagrees with discrimination and harassment in terms of any aspects legally protected whatsoever. We are an equal-opportunity provider company determined to broaden the diversity and inclusion in its working team.

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