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Mitigate cyber risks in your business with our top-quality cybersecurity and risk management services. Protect your premises from threats with the best solution out there, especially when cyber risk management is tougher than ever.


Cybersecurity & Risk Management

At Zencon, we provide Cybersecurity by protecting programs, networks, and entire systems that are linked to the internet from online attacks. Cybersecurity risk management is the process of identifying risks from an online business and designing corresponding plans of defense for those risks.
Our cyber experts create customized strategies for every business depending on the determined cyber threats and their circumstances.

Determinants For Cybersecurity & Risk Management that We Look Into at Zencon

Data access

Cybersecurity is not a one-man show but it needs team efforts. We keep the respective board of stakeholders well informed about the potential convergent risks. This allows them to become an active part of the decisions & incorporate basic criteria to convey messages related to escalating risks.


IT threats are quick hits that can result in unexpected and unpleasant ramifications for your valuable assets like misplaced files, information exposure, and crashed applications/tools. We assist businesses to work on their intellect regarding security sensors or similar components along with accountability for third-party risks.

Assessing the vulnerabilities

In the process of vulnerability assessment, the fundamental awareness of the physical security structure that withstands common risks is important. To get the most reliable assessment of vulnerabilities, assigning trained and dependable security professionals from Zencon proves useful.


The simplest yet efficient consideration under cybersecurity and risk management is security audits. A security audit, by cyber experts at Zencon, includes the authentication of all safety measures by checking if they are present where they are supposed to be and if they are in proper working condition. Despite that, audits cannot be a measure for assessing risks or finding alien vulnerabilities.


If there is a business organization, they have some kind of limitations, be it on their workforce or spending costs. We focus on resolving cyber risks which can be predicted with the help of insights from the existing data. This could either be the expected impact of a threat, timely trends, or a specific time of contact when a threat is likely to come up in the organization.

Understanding the extent of exposure

Our professionals try to understand the current potential of damage that can be caused to your systems and business processes to ensure protection or at least defenses. Proper clarity about your organization’s vulnerability allows working on covering up the visible surface area that can have potential attacks. Appropriate defenses for the same can be kept in place for risk mitigation at the time.

Impact analysis

Our engineers point out significant assets of the business and create rigid resistance surrounding them. This resistance often could be deemed as a business continuity plan. Business impact analysis fails to cover the complete range of cyber risks which can result in using up assets that were not even indicated. We help you cover that effectively.


Perks Businesses can get with Zencon's Cybersecurity & Risk Management

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