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The Heart Of Digital Transformation

At Zencon, we help to induce automation, one level at a time, in your transformation journey where different sorts of digital technologies are leveraged. This helps to modify business processes so that they can operate on their own. We aim to reduce errors, add speed, and cut down on costs. Mechanical, iterative functions are carried out without external interference and with maximum efficiency.

Milestones in Digital Automation To Ensure Efficiency

Understand the scope of automation

We help you understand the scope of automation by thoroughly analyzing your routine processes to understand the extent of digital automation that can be implemented in your workflow. Understand the procedures to define parameters like standardization, execution, complexity level, and so on. Detailed and easy-to-interpret process documentation can be a great asset to measure different parameters to initiate automation like a pro.

Build the automation framework through our expertise

Once the pre-automation checks are done, we help you translate your fully-proofed business processes into executable flow charts or graphs. The point of these graphs is to showcase the working logic and replace recurring, manual tasks with new, innovative activities. The technicality in every step will be incorporated into the execution framework to optimize the results with minimum human intervention

At Zencon, our technical experts Foresight the rollout for you

When in this phase, we ensure to get approvals for the input masks, technical elements, and proper flow charts with respective logic. Introduce the employees to these new technical tasks and their execution to successfully handle the changes in the organization.

We monitor the working model and results

Once the pilot is tested and changes are made, the only thing left is to monitor the indicated parameters to match the transformation goals and cost considerations. Our professionals keep an eye on the process execution and its quality in the initial stages itself. Observe when impromptu tasks are added or proxy pathways are taken as all observations can be used for further process optimization.

Assess the business processes to be automated

We recommend you first assess the business processes to be automated instead of rushing into them. Make sure to spare enough time to absorb the details of the processes that need automation so that substantial loopholes are discarded right away. Automating a flawed process will result in a more defective one. The ideal solution at this stage would be to run simulations for corresponding processes that will be automated.

We help you define the input masks

Simultaneously with building the execution framework and graphs, the input masks must also be defined at the initial stages themselves. The sooner this is designed, the more superficial it becomes to make alterations in the frameworks and the input forms. This will help to prototype other tasks to simplify and accelerate digital automation.

Our team test the pilot for your automation

By this stage, the beta version of the automated business will be available to test out its optimized processes amongst the employees. It is the client’s call to decide at what scale to test the automated processes and who to give access. Depending on your end goals and the extent of testing, you can attain some early insights about the automation and make modifications accordingly.


Reasons Why Digital Automation and Transformation Back Each Other

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