Give your elemental applications a facelift

Scalability will no longer be an issue as our application modernization services are the most efficient solution to upgrading your hardware as well as software.


What does application modernization imply at Zencon?

Change is the fundamental rule of nature and with time, technology is supposed to change too. So rather than buying a whole new lot of the latest applications for your business, Zencon recommends upgrading the existing business tools.
This process of modernizing the core technology of an organization is known as Application modernization.

7 Approaches to Application modernization for a Business we follow at Zencon


In the replacement approach of modernization, a complete stack replacement is essential due to the use of obsolete technologies in older tools. These technologies have restrictions that don't allow making any modifications to older version applications. Our experts help replace them with new solutions that use the cloud to lower the costs as well as risks involved.


Replatform is a migration path of modernizing that demands the lowest amount of effort from the Zencon developers as no code modifications are desired. It is a lift-and-shift kind of operation where our experts work towards moving the entire application to another platform. The most commonly used solutions are IaaS, DBaaS, SaaS, and so on.


Our rearchitect approach involves reconceptualization of the existing business applications to achieve additional functionality in aspects like scalability, capabilities, and performance. Focusing on the cloud-native technology for your business applications modernization aids in gaining more agility, the potential for scalability, and the capacity to acclimate with new technologies. As the name suggests, the prime focus is on application architecture.


We, at Zencon, suggest that the simplest method which may take a toll on the business costs is by repurchasing a whole new software to fulfill your business requirements. The repurchase can be from a different vendor and is often accomplished by incorporating the use of Software as a Service (SaaS).


Refactoring requires a deep involvement of the DevOps and software developers as the code is altered to optimize operations and performance while keeping the core function unmoved. Code refactoring by our technical experts unleashes the pros of the cloud without changing its attributes. It also deletes unwanted or repetitive code logic in your application for better Integrated Development Environment management and performance.


Zencon’s rebuild approach implies recreating an application or a set of elements in the application from scratch while retaining the scope and features of the same. The main focus of our engineers in the entire process is onboarding the latest technologies to meet the operational expectations of the modern business. The shortcomings are addressed and technical debt is resolved with this process.


Some parts are similar to refactoring and some to re-platforming, the rehost proposal means moving existing business applications/tools from one hosting environment. The condition is to not alter the architecture or code, or even workflow of the application. Our engineers use this method to ensure safety and compliance handling with nominal changes.


Business merits of application modernization

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